The Duke Redemption Teaser #3

(Introducing Wickham Murray, the hero…)

Seeing her had been a shock…but not because of her scar—the reason, he gathered, that she’d worn such a concealing mask. He wondered about the origin of that thin pink ridge, which started at the top of Beatrice’s right cheekbone and curved down her cheek, like half a heart. That she felt she had to hide her unusual beauty caused an odd tightening in his chest. Initially, the mark had surprised him, the way a smudge of paint on the Mona Lisa’s cheek would be distracting.

The true surprise had come from the fact that Lady Beatrice—whom he’d pictured as a prune-faced spinster, cackling as she penned her savage missives—was the most stunning female he’d ever met. No scar could dim a beauty as rare as hers.

Preorder Wick and Lady Bea’s passionate love story for December 26th!


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