Regarding the Duke ~ Preorder for May 23rd!

She married him for love. He married her for money. Will a marriage that began with lies turn into a ravishing love story for all time?


Shy, sweet wallflower Gabriella Garrity has everything she’s ever wanted: a husband she loves, beautiful children, and a home of her own. Then she discovers the secret that shatters all her illusions.

Ruthless moneylender Adam Garrity has a life-long goal: revenge on the man who nearly destroyed him. He has his enemy within his grasp…until amnesia makes him see his life—and his wife—with new eyes.

A hot and heart-melting journey to happily-ever-after!



PREORDER Regarding the Duke for May 23rd!

What readers are saying about the books of USA Today Bestselling & Award-Winning Author Grace Callaway

“Grace Callaway hits it out of the park once again with Regarding the Duke. It was no small feat to turn ruthless moneylender Adam Garrity into a smoldering hot hero in love with his wife Gabriella, but before the reader’s eyes, Adam transforms into the perfect passionate and protective male. And this Game of Dukes novel, just like its predecessors, comes with a generous helping of intriguing mystery and satisfying redemption.” -Tina Folsom, NYT & USA Today Bestselling Author

“You know when a book is so good that you are still reading it at 2 am….This book had it all: drama, laughter and a few tears as well.  The chemistry…just sizzled off the pages….If I could I would give this book ten stars, but I’m only allowed to give 5/5 stars.” –Boonies123 Book Review

“Grace Callaway writes the way Loretta Chase would if she got kind of dark and VERY naughty.” -Nicole, Goodreads

“Emotional, intriguing, heart-pounding, panty-melting, breath-stealing romance.” –Hart’s Romance Pulse

“I adored this book, it’s one that gave me a fuzzy feeling of hope inside, showing that through all adversity, you can get where you want to be….It has hope, love, faith, tension, and it’s pretty steamy in parts…that adds up to a great book and I can’t wait for the next.” – Maggie, Goodreads

“Without doubt, this is a very brilliant, dark and beautiful series. The passion and love between all the characters were intense…This author is a genius in delivering us a wild and heart-melting adventure with this series. TRULY, A MUST READ.” -Greselley, Goodreads

“There is so much mystery, passion, heartbreak and love that it was hard to put the book down. The characters are colorful, there is cheekiness in the story, and you cannot help but love them all.” -Angela, Goodreads



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