Never Say Never To An Earl

Book 5: Heart of Enquiry

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Miss Polly Kent knows the only way to hide her ability to sense emotions is a marriage of convenience — but she never expected to wind up with London’s most notorious rake, Sinjin Pelham, the Earl of Revelstoke! Their practical arrangement heavy with smoldering passion soon deepens into something more. A dangerous enemy lurks, waiting to strike. As Sinjin and Polly untangle the threads of mystery to clear his name, they must confront their greatest fears, risking all for their love—and their very lives.

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About the Book

A USA Today Bestseller!

A Wallflower Who Guards Her Secrets
Miss Polly Kent has no illusions about finding love. Not only is she a wallflower, but her freakish ability to read others’ emotions has led to devastating rejection time and again. When it comes to her future, she knows that a marriage of convenience, one in which she can keep her secret affliction hidden, is the only safe choice. Yet when fate throws her into the path of the ton’s wildest rake, she discovers that desire can jeopardize the most carefully laid plans…

A Rake Who Makes No Apologies for His Past
Sinjin Pelham, the Earl of Revelstoke and heir to a duke, has a reputation darker than London’s fog. His exploits have made him the envy of men and the desire of women, but behind his wild and jaded façade lies a painful secret. He knows that no woman can love the devil inside him, yet when he is accused of a ghastly crime, the only one who stands by him is a beautiful virgin, one whose wanton innocence makes him long for the one thing he cannot have…

When Good and Wicked Make Perfect
A marriage that begins with smoldering passion soon deepens into something more. All the while, a dangerous enemy lurks, waiting to strike. As Sinjin and Polly untangle the threads of mystery to clear his name, they must confront their greatest fears, risking all for their love—and their very lives.

The Details Published: November 26, 2016 Publisher: Grace Callaway Books Pages: Paperback - 336pgs, Hardcover - 332pgs Formats: Ebook, Audiobook, Signed Paperback, Signed Hardback, IBSN: 1939537258 IBSN-13: 978-1939537256, 978-1939537652


Floating on happiness, Miss Polly Kent decided to risk the censure of her chaperone and headed back through the dark garden in search of her lost slipper ribbon. She retraced her earlier steps, the gardenia-scented air wafting against her heated skin, the stars a scatter of diamonds overhead. She had a mad desire to skip along the winding maze of hedges.

Tonight, Lord Thomas Brockhurst had kissed her. Not only that, but she’d told him her secret—and although he’d been shocked, he hadn’t pushed her away.

Can he truly accept me? Joyful heat nudged behind her eyes.

She still couldn’t believe that Lord Brockhurst had any interest in her at all. She was a plain wallflower whilst he was a handsome, sought after young buck. Last month, when he’d first approached her as she stood at her usual place at the back of the ballroom, she’d been flummoxed. In fact, she’d looked left and right to be sure that he meant to ask her to dance and not someone else. Only when he’d asked again had she unknotted her tongue enough to say “yes.”

Since then, he’d paid her attention—nothing to raise brows­­—but tonight he’d taken things a step further. He’d suggested that they meet out in the garden. And there, sheltered by flowering hedges, she’d received her first kiss.

Her heart sighed. It had been beautiful.

What was more beautiful was that he’d felt their connection, too. Polly wouldn’t have believed this but for the fact that she could see his attraction to her… literally. For she had a strange and inexplicable acuity when it came to the feelings of others, a sort of sixth sense. When she was in close proximity to a person, she perceived a subtle glow around them. The aura—a play of color, texture, and light—revealed their emotional state.

Polly’s perceptions had first begun after an accident at age five. Trying to follow her older (and more agile) sister Violet up a tree, she’d slipped, plunging head first to the ground. When she’d regained consciousness, she’d found herself in bed, her family gathered around her, and, to her dazed eyes, they’d literally glowed with relief.

Although her family accepted her odd new ability (they loved her unconditionally after all), they’d cautioned her not to disclose the fact of it to others who might not understand. Polly had promptly forgotten their advice and confided in her best friend at the time. The news of her freakishness had spread like wildfire through the village. Even now, her throat tightened as the childish jeers rang in her head.

Watch out for Peculiar Polly,

or she’ll see what’s in your head,

Steer clear of Peculiar Polly,

or she’ll curse you in your bed.

No matter how she’d tried to explain that she couldn’t read thoughts and certainly didn’t have any magical powers—that all she could see were auras of emotions—the damage couldn’t be undone. Peculiar Polly she was, and Peculiar Polly she’d remained.

An object of ridicule. An outcast.

By the time her family had moved to London five years ago, she’d long since adopted the habit of hiding her abnormality—and herself. She avoided attracting attention as much as possible. She’d succeeded too… until that ball when Lord Brockhurst had taken notice of her.

He’s a miracle, she thought giddily.

Not just because of his handsome looks and polished manners, but because he’d listened without judgement as she’d falteringly confessed her dreadful affliction. Even though she’d been terrified of his rejection, her sense of honor made her tell him. Being a Kent, she believed that honesty and love went hand in hand, and since Lord Brockhurst had kissed her (which clearly indicated that he meant to court her), he deserved to know the truth.

Although his aura had reflected shock and disbelief, he hadn’t rebuffed her. Relief had flooded her as he’d thanked her for telling the truth, kissed her hand, and told her, “Go in before anyone catches us. I promise to call on you tomorrow.”

Now, as she turned the corner, she spied her red ribbon lying on the graveled path just ahead. It really is my lucky night, she thought with a smile. As she went over to retrieve the frippery, the murmur of conversation filtered through from the other side of the hedge. Her pulse gave a wayward leap at Lord Brockhurst’s familiar tones—so cultured and smooth. She heard two other voices as well, which she identified as belonging to his cronies, Mr. Severton and Lord Eghart.

“It appears you’ve won the wager, Brockhurst,” Severton’s distinctively nasal voice pronounced. “I’ll admit I didn’t think you could peel that paltry bloom off the wall, but I was wrong. I’ll have your blunt on the morrow.”

The ribbon crumpled in Polly’s fist, a cold seed planting in her belly.

“You’d have to pay me more than a hundred quid to consort with that quiz of a female.” Lord Eghart gave a braying laugh. “Do tell, Brockhurst, what was it like? Was her kiss as odd as the rest of her—or do still waters run deep, eh?”

Icy vines twisted over Polly’s insides.

“A gentleman does not kiss and tell,” Brockhurst replied.

“What are a few details amongst friends?” Severton wheedled.

“My lips are sealed.”

Numbness spread and spread. Dazed, Polly didn’t know whether to be grateful for Lord Brockhurst’s discretion or to weep at his betrayal. He kissed me to win a wager. I’m the biggest fool…

“Your lips are—but were hers?” Eghart sniggered.

Nausea surged, and Polly wished for the ground beneath her feet to open up and swallow her whole. The earth tremored; for a feverish instant, she thought her prayer had been granted. But no, it was merely the approach of newcomers on the other side of the leafy partition. She knew she should make her escape, yet her limbs remained paralyzed.

Severton’s voice went from haughty to toadying. “I say, well met, Lord Revelstoke.”

Despite her tumultuous state, Polly started at the name. What was the Earl of Revelstoke doing here? According to her sister Rosie, an expert in ton gossip, he was the most eligible bachelor in London, despite his marked disdain for polite society. It was a strange social paradox that the less he cared about the opinions of others, the more they revered him. Wherever he went, it was said that ladies pursued him and gentlemen wanted to be him.

In other words, Revelstoke was the polar opposite of Polly. He topped the social ladder whilst her place was on the bottom rung. In the special section reserved for feather-wits who deluded themselves into thinking that they could win a gentleman’s love… when all they’d ever have was his scorn. Her throat swelled. How could I have been so stupid?

“Gentlemen.” Revelstoke’s deep, gravelly voice was impatient. “I believe you know Lady Langley?”

Hasty greetings followed, to which a languid female voice replied, “The Kitburns ought to be congratulated on their consistency, if not talent. Their affairs are always the biggest bore.”

“I couldn’t agree more. Which is why we’ve had to concoct our own amusement,” Severton said smugly. “A little wager, if you will.”

“Oh, do tell,” Lady Langley said.

Within her gloves, Polly’s hands grew clammy.

“Severton,” Lord Brockhurst said in warning tones.

“Don’t be modest, Brockhurst. You won, after all. You succeeded in luring the most awkward chit of the Season into the garden and getting a kiss from her,” Severton gloated.

“How naughty, Lord Brockhurst.” Lady Langley’s sultry laugh belied her reprimand. “With such exploits, you may give the God of Revelry here a run for his money.”

“What do you say, Revelstoke?” Lord Eghart said eagerly. “Prime prank, eh?”

There was a pause, as if everyone was awaiting the earl’s judgement on the matter of Polly’s humiliation. Her fingers curled; her breath stuck in her throat.

“You’d do as well to kick a half-dead mongrel.” Revelstoke’s voice dripped with contempt. “Seducing a wallflower—what’s the sport in that?”

The words branded themselves on Polly’s brain, waves of pain and anger scorching through her. To be compared to a mongrel—a half-dead one—was the final straw. Revelstoke had reduced her shattered hopes to naught but sport… and not even a worthy competition at that. Right then, she didn’t give a damn if he was the most popular rake in all of Christendom—she hated him. Despised the earl and his ilk with every part of her shamed and bleeding soul.

If only I could hate Lord Brockhurst, too. A sob rose suddenly in her throat; she pressed both hands over her mouth to contain it.

Lady Langley purred into the tense silence, “You have no interest in virgins, darling?”

“If I did, would I be with you tonight?” came Revelstoke’s cool reply.

The ensuing titters and guffaws finally penetrated Polly’s shock. She jerked back from the hedge. Cheeks wet, clutching her red ribbon, she dashed out of the maze, leaving the ashes of her dreams behind.


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What people are saying...

“A page turner! An innocent and a rake, both with dark secrets come together with explosive passion.”

– Kathy, Goodreads

“You will fall in love with Sinjin Pelham, Earl of Revelstoke and Miss Polly Kent. They are the perfect book couple….These two people come together and heal each other’s soul and hearts. They take away the hurts they have received from the people of world and turn it into a passionate, protective and devoted love for each other.”

– Edwina, Goodreads

“The book is well written, has a lot of twists and turns, a lot of really, really HOT love scenes and a sweet happy ending.”

– Tracy, Goodreads

“Sinjin is one of my favorite Callaway heroes. He is deeply flawed and has struggled with his problems without much support. Like all good rakes, he finds something lasting and stabilizing about Polly — a man who has any vice he wants sees something necessary in a decent and honorable woman.”

– Top 10 Romance Books 

“I love this series. So much love and action, plus the women don’t put up with anything. I just don’t like waiting so long for the next book lol. This is a must read, get your copies today.”

– Patricia, Goodreads

“I loved this! Super insecure heroine who thinks she is plain and odd and fat (the fact that she is actually gorgeous…didn’t detract from the angst, so she is still going on a couple of trope shelves). Overheard insult, misunderstandings, tormented hero; this book is right up my alley. Catered to my favorite tropes but still managed to be unique and multidimensional.”

– Rhiannon, Goodreads

“The psychological aspects of this romance make it compelling. The hero is bi polar in a time when there is no real treatment nor understanding of the condition. The heroine has self esteem, trust, and body issues. They are both good people and the sexual chemistry between them is hot.”

– Namericanwordcat, Goodreads

“I’ve read this one at least 3-4 times. The most compelling part of it to me…is the hero’s struggle with his mental health issues. It is so well portrayed for the time period it is set in, and it makes his character all the more interesting.”

– MG, Goodreads

“I know that with every Callaway book, I’ll find myself laughing, crying, panting, and flipping each page until the last.

Hart’s Reader Group Romance

“Heart-rending and hot…I stayed up until 5am reading this, and it was worth it, for two characters I could relate to.”

– Phebe, Goodreads

“NEVER SAY NEVER TO AN EARL is a great story, one of the best. Funny, serious and wanton. ”

– Annette, Goodreads

“Passionate, intense and romantic: the perfect read!”

– Nicola, Goodreads

“The main characters, Polly and Sinjin were phenomenal. What complex and fascinatingpeople they were! Their personalities had so many layers that it was an intensely emotional journey as they were all uncovered. The chemistry between them was just explosive and the sex…it was sizzling hot. I couldn’t put down this riveting story.”

– Lily, Goodreads

“Averaging about 4 or 5 romance books a week I guess I can safely say I read a lot of Romance. Grace is in my top 5 authors. She is the best at tender sexy love stories…the perfect balance of love, sex, wit, humor, and good old reading enjoyment.”

– Quinetta, Goodreads


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