March Madness

Between viruses and wild weather, March has been an interesting month. It seems like the noses in my household have collectively been running for weeks. Ack. And a friend recently told me flu season is late this year and just starting … she must be wrong. Must. Be.

But, as promised, I've been working on widening the distribution of my books. I'm excited to report that as of now Her Husband's Harlot and Abigail Jones are available through Kobo (clicking on the titles will take you straight to the Kobo page).

And more exciting news: Her Husband's Harlot is now available in paperback at Amazon!

Last, but not least, I wanted to thank all of you wonderful readers who have taken the time to say hello. Your support and encouragement make all the difference: in fact, your kind words are even better than my first cup of coffee in the morning (and trust me, I love that first cup of java). Indie writers really depend on word-of-mouth, so if you'd care to share your reviews (or simply “like” my books) on places like amazon, B&N, goodreads, etc., I'd be so very grateful.

Wishing you all good health and happy reading,


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