How to Buy Ebooks & Audiobooks

HowItWorksStep 1: Buy the Ebook or Audiobook of your choice.

Browse the books in the store, fill your cart and purchase your selections.

Step 2. Downloading Your New Books

After Purchase, you should receive an email from BookFunnel to the email address you used for the transaction. This should arrive almost as soon as the transaction is completed.

Remember to check your Spam/Junk or Promotions folder (if you use Gmail), if you do not see the email in your main inbox within 5-10 minutes.

This BookFunnel email will include your book files plus links to add the book to the reader or app of your choice or a button to add it to your BookFunnel library and read it from within the BookFunnel app on your device!

**Important** The link you receive to download your book, which will be valid for approximately two weeks. If you do not get to use the code in the time alotted, don't worry, you can still access your purchase via your BookFunnel Library. If you do happen to click the link after it expires, you will receive a message letting you know how you can get a new link for the book.

Step 3. Reading or Listening to your Purchase.

There are a few of ways to access the files that you have purchased.

1) Your BookFunnel Library via your web browser.

All of your purchases can be found in your complimentary BookFunnel library. This will be where any book you have purchased or received via BookFunnel will be stored and can be accessed at any time via Just use your email address from purchase to login.

2) BookFunnel Library App

Another easy way is to install the BookFunnel app on your E-Reader, tablet or smart phone – there will be instructions for this with your download ( don't worry, it's easy!) Many authors use BookFunnel for delivery, so using the app is a handy way to keep your E-books organized.

Log into BookFunnel with the email you used to purchase/download your books, and you will find your library here containing all ebooks and/or audiobooks from any and all authors using BookFunnel for delivery.

3) Send to your E-Reader device or app.

When you click “GET MY BOOK” you will see the following options: iPad, iPhone or iPod, Android Phone or Tablet, Kindle Tablet or E-Reader, Kobo Tablet or E-Reader. Simply choose your device and you will be guided through the steps to add your book.

And if you don't have a Kindle E-Reader? You can still read them on your non-Kindle device using the Kindle App.

Clicking on “My Computer” will allow you to download the files in mobi or epub format, as well as start reading in the browser. Alternatively, you can download the BookFunnel App.

The Bookfunnel app works on the following:

a. Kindle Fire tablets after 2015
b. Kobo eReaders except Kobo Aura
c. Nook tablets after 2014
d. Apple devices (Apple Books, iTunes, iPads, iPhones) using a minimum of iOS 10+ (2016) (but most were upgraded to iOS 10 after 2012)
e. Android Tablets and Phones after Android 5.1(2013)

You can also read on your computer using Chrome or Firefox browser.

Unfortunately, the Bookfunnel App doesn't work on :
E-Ink devices  including Kindle Paperwhite, Touch, Voyage, Oasis, NOOK Glowlight and Kobo Aura.
Internet Explorer browser
Kindle Fire 1st Gen (2011)
NOOK Color (2010), NOOK Tablet (2011), NOOK HD (2012)

Have Questions? Need Support?

BookFunnel provides excellent (and free) customer support they to readers. If you have any problems, a real live person the friendly folks of BookFunnel will be happy to help.