Her Protector's Pleasure Coming Soon

Just got my revisions back from my editor, and we’re looking good 🙂 After a final round of revision, it’s off to copyediting, and Her Protector’s Pleasure should be available by the end of June. So excited to share this story! Marianne has always held a special place in my heart, and finding her the right hero was no easy task. Luckily, Kent volunteered for the job … and I must say he proves himself UP for the task. I’ll be posting more soon.

Cheers as always, Grace

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  1. taffygrrl

    I’m so excited! I held out on Abigail Jones until this week because I didn’t want to go for too long without another book of yours to read. I am LOVING Abigail Jones…will there be another one soon? (I know, I know, you can only write so fast. You just seem to write EXACTLY the books I want to read.)

    • Grace

      Dear taffygrrl,
      You made my day with your kind words, thank you! I, too, wish there were more hours in a day to write
      🙂 “Her Protector’s Pleasure” will be out the week of June 24–it’s now going through copyediting, yay!–and after that I’ll be onto the next Abigail Jones, for which I’ve already written a few chapters. I’m targeting for a December 2013 release for Abby & Hux’s next adventure. So do please stay posted! Cheers, Grace

      • Terri

        Do you know what the next book in the Chronicles of Abigail Jones series will be titled? I marked my calendar for December to keep an eye out but wanted to know if you had it titled yet. THANKS and I love all of your books!

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