Flash Sale: Her Husband's Harlot is 99 cents!

Happy Thursday! Her Husband's Harlot e-book is on sale for 99 cents! The sale doesn't last long, so grab your copy now! https://www.gracecallaway.com/books/mayhem-in-mayfair/her-husbands-harlot/ 

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7 years ago

I am not technology savvy and I don’t know if my messages from tonight are going through. I am on book 3 of your Heart of Enquiry book and it is laying me bare. I have never messaged an author before. I have never read a book where the storyline begins 12 years into marriage. No other book I have read before has been that courageous. I just wanted you to know that I have never been touched so deeply as I have been by this book. It resonates with my own story. I’m speechless!!