The Viscount Always Knocks Twice

cover the viscount always knocks twiceCHARACTER INTERVIEW from THE VISCOUNT ALWAYS KNOCKS TWICE

It took a little convincing, but I was able to convince Richard Murray, Viscount Carlisle, and his newlywed bride, Violet Murray nee Kent, to play a few rounds of “The Newlywed Game.” We join the recently married couple in the drawing room of their estate in Scotland, where I’m sitting in a wingchair across from Violet and Richard who are sharing a settee…

Me: Thanks so much for agreeing to play this game.

Violet: Games are tip-top. I can’t wait to play!

Richard: [sounding less enthusiastic] You are welcome, Ms. Callaway.

Me: Question 1 goes to Violet then. When did you first know that you fell in love with Richard?

[Snickering, Vi writes down her answer.] 

Me: Ok, Richard. What did she write?

Richard [rubs his neck, mutters]: By Jove, do I have to say this aloud?

Me: Yes.

Richard [still muttering]: When she pushed me into the fountain.

Violet: Gadzooks, you’re right! That’s a point for us. Jolly well done! [Grins at him.]

Me: Congratulations. Now it’s Richard’s turn… um, Richard?

Richard: [still staring besottedly at his wife] Pardon?

Me: It’s time for your question.

Richard: [clears his throat and looks at me] Ahem, right. Do proceed.

Me: What is your favorite thing about your wife?

Richard: [frowns] I can only pick one thing?

Me: Yes. If you have trouble choosing just one, write the first thing that comes to your mind.

[Richard hastily scrawls a few words down.]

Me: All right, Violet, what did he write?

Violet: [nibbling on her lip] Um… my sense of loyalty and honor?

[Richard crumples up the paper and shoves it in his pocket.]

Violet: Wait, you can’t do that! What did you write down?

Richard: Not your loyalty and honor.

Violet: You don’t like those qualities?

Richard: I love your loyalty and honor, lass. But Ms. Callaway told me to write the first thing that came to mind.

Vi: Which was…?

Richard [cheekbones reddening]: I’ll tell you later.

Vi: Butter and jam, you know how much I hate waiting! Tell me now. Please?

Richard [darts a glance at me, says in an undertone]: We’ll talk in private later, lass.

Vi: Richard

[Richard sighs, leans over, and whispers something in her ear.]

Vi [turns bright pink]: You wrote that down? That’s wicked!

R: [Iifts a brow] You’re the one who started it this morning before breakfast—

V: [slaps a hand over his mouth] Never mind. Move onto the next question, Ms. Callaway.

Me: All right. The final question goes to you, Violet. What do you think readers will love best about The Viscount Always Knocks Twice?

[Violet scribbles down her answer.]

Me: Richard?

Richard: Well, I think readers will like the banter and humor, not to mention the madcap adventures—wherever Violet is around, mayhem is to be found.

Vi: Gadzooks, that’s not true. [Pauses] At least, not all of the time.

Richard: There’s also the rollicking house party and mystery…

Vi: Which we helped to solve!

Richard: … but I think what the readers will enjoy the most is the story of two seemingly opposite people falling in love and finding their soul mate in one another.

Vi: Oh, Richard… that’s so romantic. [Gazes adoringly at him.] And that was my answer too: the best part of our story is our happily ever after. 

[Richard gazes adoringly back. They lean closer to one another…]

Me: [clearing my throat] Well, that wraps up today’s installment of the Newlywed Game. Thank you, Lord and Lady Carlisle. And to Buried Under Romance for hosting us today.