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I'm featured today at #StudioSmexy Superstars of Romance Tour.

There are some wonderful grand prizes up for grabs, including a Kindle Fire, Kindle, and a Nook–all uploaded with delicious romances by myself and other exciting authors.

So please come by and say hello! 

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MaryLou Cartwright
MaryLou Cartwright
11 years ago

Hi Grace, I just finished reading ” Her Husband’s Harlot” and “Her Wanton Wager”. Both were really great reads. I thoroughly enjoyed them both, the kind of books you don’t want to put down until you finish them! I do hope you plan to tell Marianne’s story, it seems like there is more there – too many unknown things about her life. Also what is going to happen to Charity – will she and Paul get together?
Thanks and keep up the great work! MaryLou Cartwright

11 years ago

I just finished reading the Mayhem in Mayfair books and I’m addicted! I can’t wait to read the next one. Could it be a certain detective that Marianne is paired with, one with whom she had a confrontation in Her Wanton Wager? I’m so glad to hear you have not one, but TWO new books planned in the series! I really enjoy the way you are expanding the characters and how we get to meet new and interesting people without forgetting about the ones we already know. Will there ever be one that pairs an upper-class man with a woman who started out in the stews?

Also, thank you for publishing these books in a non-Kindle e-book format. I love my Kobo and I’m glad I can read your books on one!

Amy Welsh
Amy Welsh
11 years ago

I absolutely adore your books. I found them by chance while searching my nook last year. I looked at my archived books last week and was super pumped there was a sequel to Her Husband’s Harlot!! Of course, I lent my copy to my bff and told her to get ready for adventure. Thank y0u for the wonderful works of art. I am curious when you may have the second Abigail Jones story published. Thank you again. I can’t wait for the third Mayfair book!!