The Return of the Duke


Book 5 in series

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She wanted a hot-blooded lover. He needed a cool-headed duchess. Their marriage of convenience is about to become inconvenient…

When Fate throws tinker’s daughter Fancy Sheridan into the arms of Severin Knight, the Duke of Knighton, neither are prepared for the consequences. Fancy has always dreamed of passionate love and instead finds herself wed to a stoic nobleman whose heart belongs to another. Knighton needs a high-born lady to shepherd his unruly half-siblings through the ton and now has a wife who knows nothing of society and cares even less about its rules. 

As Fancy and Knighton struggle to find common ground, hot and irresistible passion flares between them. All the while, dark secrets rise to threaten their budding happiness. Will husband and wife defeat their enemies and find everlasting love? 

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