The Duke Identity




Welcome to the Game of Dukes, a world that draws from Regency London’s finest drawing rooms and the shadows of its dark rookeries. Some dukes are peers of the realm, others lords of London’s underworld, but all are commanding men. Relentless in their pursuit of justice, power, and passion, they’ll meet their match—in the strong, feisty women who capture their hearts.

The Duke Identity

Shattered by betrayal, former scholar Harry Kent finds new purpose as a police man. Sent on a dangerous covert mission, he must protect a clever and wicked beauty who stands for everything he scorns—and who seduces him with every look of her innocent eyes…

A princess of London’s criminal underworld, Tessa Todd longs for freedom. Fearful of cutthroat enemies, however, her powerful family keeps her under lock and key. When they assign her a standoffish (and damnably handsome) new guard, she resists his domineering ways—and a passionate war of wills begins…

Thrown together by crisis, Harry and Tessa will test the bounds of desire, loyalty, and trust. On the run from their foes and from their own hearts, they must find salvation in each other—before time runs out.


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