About Grace

Grace grew up in Canada. In order to avoid frost-bite in the winter and mosquitoes in the summer, she spent a lot of time reading indoors. Her earliest attempts at writing resulted in rhymes about puppies and flying carpets; as a teenager, she graduated to angst-ridden, non-rhyming poems about nothing in particular.

Perhaps wisely, she took a break from writing to get a doctorate from the University of Michigan. She now lives with her family in Northern California. When not occupied by three full-time careers (motherhood, marriage, and a psychology practice), she leads the glamorous life of a romance writer. In other words, she can be found hunched over a keyboard, usually in her pjs, and almost always muttering to herself.

Her first manuscript, Her Husband’s Harlot, was a 2010 Romance Writers of America Golden Heart Finalist. Two months after publication, Her Husband’s Harlot became the #1 Bestselling Regency Romance on Amazon.com.


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