Abigail Jones nominated for 2013 Best Indie Historical Romance

It's been a good week for Abigail Jones. So thrilled and honored to hear today that my book has been nominated by the Indie Romance Convention for 2013 Best Indie Historical! Awards are never sweeter than when they are nominated by readers. Thank you!


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  1. taffygrrl

    Congratulations! That’s next on my list…but I liked your other two so much I’m saving this one until I know another one is on the way!

    • Grace

      Dear taffygrrl,

      You’re too sweet! I do hope you enjoy Abigail as much as my Mayhem books. And speaking of which, the 3rd Mayhem, “Her Protector’s Pleasure” — which is Marianne’s story — will be out this June, so not too much longer to wait 🙂

      Cheers & happy reading always,

  2. Terri Bowling

    Loved this book! Congrats! Will there be more on Abby & Hux?

    • Grace Callaway

      Hi Terri,

      Thank you for checking in on Abby & Hux 🙂 I do have their next adventure plotted out and even started … but the Mayhem in Mayfair series has taken center stage this year. I’m currently working on the last book to complete that quartet and then it will finally be back to Abby & Hux. So late summer/fall 2014 is my best guess at this point. I do miss them and can’t wait to get back to them! Grace

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