A teaser from "Her Protector's Pleasure"

One of my favorite things about "Her Protector's Pleasure" is the chemistry and conflict between the heroine and hero. While outwardly different, Marianne and Kent are both independent, strong-willed people ... which was what made their story so fun to write. Here's another peek ... 

"You owe me an explanation, Lady Draven," he ground out.

"I should think we're past formalities at this point." Her wry voice floated from behind him. "You have permission to use my given name."

"Fine. Marianne, then," he said, his jaw clenched, "what the devil were you up to in that solicitor's office?"

A hush fell, broken only by the soft swish of fabric. The tension pulled at his nerves, and, despite knowing better, he turned back toward the dressing screen. His mouth went dry, his manhood rising in an immediate salute. Behind the silk panel, Marianne's silhouette revealed her flawless figure in what had to be the skimpiest of undergarments. His blood pounded as her hands smoothed upward along the slim curve of her hips, the sharp indentation of her waist. When she reached her breasts—for an instant cupping those beauties—he bit back a groan.

But he couldn't hold back the animal sound that left him when she stepped from behind the partition. Sweat glazed his brow.

Devil and damn. Bloody hell. This cannot be happening.

Like a figment from some feverish erotic fantasy, Lady Marianne Draven stood before him, wearing nothing but a sheer petticoat and corset. He'd never imagined—let alone seen—garments so scandalous. Thin lacy straps held up a bodice with a plunging neckline; the short corset pushed up her breasts so that the smooth, rounded tops nearly burst from the bodice. Below the corset, the sheer skirt of the petticoat revealed her shapely calves and ankles. Lace frothed at the hem, brushing against her pretty bare toes.

"Do you think to distract me with your seductive wiles?" he said hoarsely.

Her lips quirked, her gaze roaming over him. "I'm not certain. Can it be done?"

Bloody hell, yes.

"No," he said firmly and dragged his gaze to her face.

Her Protector's Pleasure: available tomorrow! 




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10 years ago

I have just finished reading Her Husbands Harlot which was offered free. This is the first book of yours I have read. I loved it! I couldn’t put it down. It had both mystery and romance. I enjoyed learning her husband’s story. The sex scenes were hot and with love. There isn’t enough hot romances of this time period that have all of the above. I can’t wait to read another of your books. I read 3 or more romance s a week and this is the first review I have left. Thank you for a great book! Karen

10 years ago

I truly enjoyed your book. I don’t leave reviews, but I haven’t enjoyed a book as much in a long time. I’m excited to read the next one. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. Monica